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About Me

I am a creative from DFW living in the midwest of KCMO. I love (weird) art, music, my husband, my dogs, roadtrips, food (especially Mexican, Indian, & Thai), and taking pictures of people. I am into a broad range of photography from portraits: senior photos, headshots, or just for fun, lifestyle: family or newborns, for a blog, and nothing can compare to the joy of taking pictures for engagement sessions and weddings! There is so much magic packed into one day! My husband is my second hand man and shooter and we are a fun team to work with. I am very open to fun collaborative shoots as well, you have an abstract idea? Let’s do it!!

I got into photography from my beloved father- who always carried around his camera and camcorder around his neck, especially on family trips. In fact, my dad bought me my first camera (a 35mm film one!) at a pawn shop.

I've been doing digital photography and more recently my husband and I have been processing our own film; it has been very fun and exciting and hopefully we will get to do more film with clients in the future.

Shoot me a message and let's talk!

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